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Family owned and operated Canadian Transportation
founded on old fashioned values, since 1940's.

Transportation has been a family run business dating back to the 1940's, when my Great-Grandfather worked for Dench Transport. Owning and operating trucks has deep roots with most of my family members building their lively hoods by many hours on the road and time spent away from loved ones.

Lady Rose Transport was established by my Mom and Dad in 1982 during the 1979 Oil Crisis. Since work was hard to come by during the economic recession, they hauled houseboats down into the Southern States.

They worked together and put on many miles transporting heavy equipment, oversized loads, and everything in between to build their dream home and ranch in SE Kootenay B.C, near the Montana border. They began building their ranch by hauling our home from Red Deer, A.B on the back of their 1981 Western Star.

My parents hard work and perseverance drove my own aspirations for building ELITE Safety and laid the foundation for dedication, honesty and going the extra mile!

Transportation Safety Services

ELITE Safety Consulting has been providing Transportation Safety Services since 2008 to Owner/Operators who invest in developing and implementing effective safety and maintenance programs.

ELITE Safety provides tailored, integrated, and cost-effective health and safety solutions for employers across Canada to meet Provincial and Federal laws, Transportation Regulations, Certificate of Recognition, and Industry standards within their jurisdiction. Services such as Transportation Safety and Maintenance programs (manuals), Internal Audit reviews, and Training.


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All drivers who operate a National Safety Code (NSC) unit are required to have training in Hours of Service (Federal or Provincial), Trip Inspections, Load Securement and Weights and Dimensions. Since drivers are not always available to attend a training class, online training is a fast and efficient way to get your drivers trained. See our Online Training for these and many more training courses available.

Whether you are a small owner/operator looking for NSC compliance or require both Transportation and Health and Safety, we have designed our online Compliance Questionnaire to meet Transportation National Safety Code and Certificate of Recognition requirements.

Carriers and Owner/Operators involved in operating mcommercial trucks and buses including:

  • Provincial carriers, including owner/operators, who operate commercial vehicles registered for a weight of 11,794 kilograms or more who operate only within Alberta;
  • Federal carriers, including owner/operators, who operate commercial vehicles registered for a weight of more than 4,500 kilograms who also operate outside of Alberta (including farmers);
  • Carriers, including owner/operators, who operate commercial passenger vehicles with a manufacturer’s seating capacity originally designed for 11 or more persons, including the driver.